Optimize Your Shopify Blog Writings


In this article, we will show you how you can optimize your Shopify blog writings to gain traffic to your website.

In addition, you will learn that what is blog and why it is important for SEO.


A blog, generally known as publishing which chronologically structured in a website or in a part of the website.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Technically, there is no difference between a website and a blog which is the website at the same time.  There is a difference between them in traditionally.

Blogs have date, author, category, tag meta data. However, there is no those features in a website.

Another traditional difference is the publishing order. For a blog, it is chronological. In contrast, publishing has no order in websites.

Blog posts generally allow comments from visitors at the below of the page but websites do not support that feature.

Lastly, while there may a date in blog’s URL, websites have not that qualification.

Why a blog is important for SEO?

Blog is important to improve the ranking and apparency of your website because;

Blog allows to publish new contents of standard static websites and this is like sending a signal that shows your website is updated.

It may provide apparency for long tailed searches. (searches for 3-4 or more words)

It may help to form internal links and may create a cluster which is around a certain interest topic.

It is necessity to optimize your Shopify blog writings for gaining more visibility and traffic.

Is there blog in Shopify?

To write a blog in Shopify:

Log in Shopify administrative option.

Click on online store and click on “Blog posts” option.

Click on “create a blog writing”.

Later you are going to move on your blog writing.

When you finish click on “save”.

You should get the main information to optimize your Shopify blog posts:

  1. Heading of your blog post.
  2. Content of your blog post.
  3. A short summary of your blog post.
  4. Here is where you will enter your SEO heading that is going to be shown in search engines. This is so much important for optimizing your blog post.
  5. You may choose your blog and writer from there.
  6. Tags are proper way to categorize blog writings and connect them each other. For instance, if your blog post is related with a special offer you may use “special offer” tag.
  7. This is where you will add the feature image, which is the image displayed on the main blog page.
  8. Finally, do not forget become visible before click on “Save” button.

Optimize Your Shopify Blog Writings: Best Apps

Ways to fallow for optimizing Shopify blog writings; (source: support.google.com)

Add keywords to your posts and page headings.

Add a heading.

Add tags that related with your theme and product pictures.

Hide some pages from searching via robots.txt.

Create an URL instruction.

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