Shopify – Competing With Amazon


Shopify, perhaps you’ve never heard of before and definitely used It is the second largest e-commerce platform in the USA. Now anonymously but will its new app change all that? You can find relevant information in our article “Shopify – Compete with Amazon”. What does Shopify do? Shopify provides the technology necessary for anyone to […]

Shopify: Why You Should Blog


Benefits of Using a Shopify Blog With the Shopify blog, you build your readership in your online store. You maintain a consistent feel between your store and your blog; They are located on your site as different pages with the same look. You manage content through a single admin to update your store and blog. […]

Shopify: 4 Factors of Fast Growth


Recently, the widespread use of e-commerce and how brands offer their products and services for sale has become a leading issue of the platform called Shopify. Shopify emerges as a platform that defines itself as “the only platform that contains all the e-commerce and point of sale features you need to start, run and grow […]

Shopify: Increasing Traffic and Sales


It is clear that why you should write blogs on your shopify store. If you want to get more Shopify traffic and to increase your sales, you need a blog. However, it is not enough to upload a couple of writings which are full of spams. That was work before. Google and consumers are much […]