Email Marketing and Campaign Services

Why Should You Develop Email Marketing Strategies?

Because e-mail marketing method is a marketing method where you can get the maximum value of your investments. Research shows that people who are reached via e-mail have higher purchasing activities than people who do not buy at all.

If you don’t have an email strategy yet, you can start now to increase your sales and engage with your customers. It is very easy to reach your goals with the campaigns specially developed for your business by our experts!


E-Mail Newsletter Campaigns

We prepare an e-mail campaign designed in accordance with your marketing goals and needs. This can include notifying your readers of developments on your blog, gaining non-sales engagement, or sending event-oriented automated messages for buyers who are in the sales funnel.

Instead of receiving emails in plain text, people always prefer messages that contain striking and vibrant images in design. Our professional designers in our team prepare newsletters with functional, dynamic colors and the tools necessary for your business. In addition, we design all mail bulletins compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

It is now easier to turn buyers into your customers with attractive and personalized content for your target audience. All of your newsletter subscribers will be aware of the innovations that address the right needs at the right time.

In addition to the newsletter preparation process, we make sure that your newsletter subscribers increase with various optimizations on your site. With our experience in different sectors, we ensure that your e-mails get efficient results and minimum unsubscribe rates.

Many businesses use email marketing but have no idea how to track their results. We enable you to easily track the results using the following methods:
  • We create reports with many details, including open voting, traffic to your site, and activities that include potential sales. With this data we have obtained, you can see the contribution of your campaign expenditures to earning income.
  • You can track all the data about your campaign through Google Analytics. By integrating the created campaigns into Google Analytics, we provide you with a detailed idea of all activities on your site.

If you have a goal of higher ROI, superior availability, and customer loyalty, start an email campaign now. Email marketing with the help of our team will enable you to increase the value of your brand and business.

During your employment with our agency, you will also receive the following services:

  • Personally designed e-mail templates
  • A / B testing and e-mail automation
  • Determining and implementing a campaign strategy
  • Content writing and visual, video, etc. production
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
  • Applications to increase the number of subscribers
  • Activities integrated with social media and other campaigns

Advantages Of E-Mail Marketing

Studies have proven that customers who receive e-mail spend more money than the business they never receive.

Email marketing has a high return on investment and is a marketing method that takes your business’s interaction to higher levels. In addition to its numerous advantages, you can get an idea of how e-mail marketing can be effective with the following items.


1. Content Appealing to Different Customer Groups

Personalized content is one of the most important benefits of e-mail marketing. Preparing e-mails suitable for different target audiences always gives better results. Making banner campaigns suitable for printing with customized content may require extra expenses, but doing this by e-mail does not incur any extra costs!

2. Practical and Fast Distribution Process

Email marketing always requires less workload compared to other marketing methods. Within minutes, you will be interacting with thousands of people without any extra actions.

3. Test Mail and Optimization

It is possible to test different messages in different ways. Many different e-mail contents can be prepared for an e-mail campaign. In this way, it can be tested which content gets more interaction.

4. Budget Friendly

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Studies have shown that e-mail campaigns cost close to 20 percent less than other marketing activities. This allows you to reach more people without exceeding your budget.

5. Easy Way to Achieve Customer Loyalty

Your regular e-mail campaigns allow you to establish an effective connection and communication with your costumers. In the next step, you can see how periodic e-mail campaigns reflect on your sales.

6. Analysis and Follow-Up Process

You can track the results and functioning of your campaign with clicks, opening rates, and other measurement methods.

7. Wide Domain

E-mail marketing can reach more people than traditional marketing methods. We check our mailbox all day long and we can do this from any device. That’s why more people can be aware of your campaigns without any problems.